Mayfield "Corroding" (video)

Mayfield "Corroding" (video)
Following the release of Hollow Embrace last fall, Ottawa melodic hardcore outfit Mayfield are now gearing up to record a full-length this April. Before they hit the studio, though, you can get a taste of what they have in store with "Corroding," which arrives alongside a video.

The track wastes no time in roaring out of the gate at a breakneck pace, with a flurry of pinch harmonics and vocalist Pat Tirrell's grating yelp soon giving way to a half-time section, closed out by a punishing breakdown.

As for the video itself, the group deliver the song while thrashing about inside a dimly-lit house. The clip was filmed, directed and edited by Alex McFarland and the Trenches Media.

"'Corroding' was written at a point in my life when my job was affecting me negatively, mentally and physically," Tirrell tells Exclaim! in a statement. "As per usual, I turned to an abusive alternative to cope with the stress. It's meant to bring the listener to a level of despair I think we all feel whether in admittance or not. I'm not trying to bring anyone down. On the contrary, I want people to let out their anxieties and use our music to push them out of the gutter and back towards a warm and fulfilling life. After all, that's what this band means to me."

While we await further details on Mayfield's forthcoming full-length, take in the video for "Corroding" in the player below.