Maybrick Breakuptheband

After years of bad luck, Toronto’s Maybrick finally has something to cheer about. Their second record, the follow-up to 1998's White Noise, is an album that should never have happened, hence its title. Breakuptheband is the sound of a band on the brink of imploding, but instead used that added energy and emotions to write bigger and better songs. The title track kicks off the album in explosive, guitar-crunching form; however, it’s the following song that sets the album’s pace. "Falling For The Oldest Trick In The Book” is a moody yet beautiful song that, with the slightest touch of distortion and Josh Norton’s soft-hearted voice, becomes a devastating tearjerker. From there, the album’s range stretches, moving from road trip-worthy AM rock ("lazy”) and electro-fuzz pop ("lizzy stride”) to the wonderfully romantic "Abductee,” featuring guitarist Brian Scott’s finest work on the record. Breakuptheband may be one of the last titles most acts would name a record, but Maybrick has taken this taboo and turned it into a brilliantly constructive idea.