Maxon Blewitt Maxon Blewitt

Belgium’s Maxon Blewitt are the brainchild of Bjorn "Wolf” Eriksson who reveals a penchant for slinky, danceable guitar rock. The former Zita Swoon guitarist incorporates a broad range of indie-pop influences on this infectious debut record. There’s a bit of Spoon and Calexico bleeding through on "We ve Got All Our Lives to Celebrate” and "Fingerwaltz.” "Raining Hearts” pulsates like a low-key Pixies number underneath Eriksson’s husky voice, which recalls Kyp Harness as much as it does Lou Reed. There’s genuine heart in Eriksson’s delivery though, as the toe-tapping "We Ain’t Afraid of Heights (Daddy’s Little Ditty)” and the JSBX vamp that is "Baby-Lee” suggest. With its bouncy beats, choppy guitars, and lounge-club vocals, this self-titled record is a well-rounded effort that begs for attention. (Dim Din)