Maximo Park's Paul Smith to Release Solo Album This Fall

Maximo Park's Paul Smith to Release Solo Album This Fall
The last we heard from Maximo Park, the group had cancelled their entire North American tour for "personal reasons." If you're still bitter about not getting to see the British post-punks last year, this ought to make up for it: singer Paul Smith is now getting set to release his debut solo album, Margins, on October 12 via his own Billingham Records.

According to a press release, the album has been four years in the making, and was co-produced by Andy Hodson of the Matinee Orchestra. Field Music's David Brewis plays bass throughout, while his brother/bandmate Peter helped to record on one track.

Smith reportedly "developed a finger-picking guitar style to suit the feel of these often intimate and personal songs." You can't hear much of that intimate style on the rocking first single, "North Atlantic Drift," which you can check out over at the songwriter's website (it's in the top right corner of the page).

Maximo Park fans, don't despair - Smith adds in the press release, "I'm not 'going solo' - it's not like George Michael leaving Wham!" The band are currently working on new material.


1. "North Atlantic Drift"

2. "The Crush and the Shatter"

3. "Improvement/Denouement"

4. "Strange Friction"

5. "While You're in the Bath"

6. "This Heat"

7. "I Drew You Sleeping"

8. "Alone, I Would've Dropped"

9. "Dare Not Dive"

10. "I Wonder If"

11. "Our Lady of Lourdes"

12. "The Tingles"

13. "Pinball"