Maximillian Hecker Infinite Love Songs

Maximillian Hecker would be just another whining, love-obsessed acoustic balladeer (see Starsailor, Coldplay, Matthew Jay, etc.) if it weren't for his magnificent voice and choice of instruments. If you gave him a simple acoustic guitar, he could be the next big thing in Britain, but that would be a bad thing. Instead, this 23-year-old opts to blend his guitar with the instrument his German homeland made popular, the synthesiser. Hecker's music contains a similar inspiration from the surroundings that influenced Bowie's Low and Heroes. He is a former busker on the streets of Berlin, who played his guitar to whoever would listen and now Hecker has people listening. His goal with Infinite Love Songs was to record an album that captures the moment of dying. It's not a morbid idea, but one of peace, and that's what his music sounds like. "The Days are Long and Filled with Pain" is a good example of what Eels has been trying to do all these years: capture moments of pain and try to make it a good thing. Most songs are quite mellow and resemble what Nick Drake was doing 30 years ago, only capturing the sound of today. To be on the safe side, call it the definitive record to listen to while you fall asleep. (Kitty Yo)