Maxim "Previews" New Nas Record

<i>Maxim</i> 'Previews' New Nas Record
Well it looks like the jig is up for Maxim. The mag now finds itself busted for the second time in as many days as rapper Nas has just joined a seemingly chorus of artists with recent album reviews appearing in the men’s mag before promotional materials have been released to the press.

The hip-hop heavyweight was interviewed by the New York Post, where he expressed surprise at Maxim’s latest review of his work, largely since he hasn’t finished recording it. The mag gave the controversially named Nigger a poor rating, saying it was "radio friendly.”

"I don't know what a music rating from Maxim is," Nas stated. "I don't know what it even means really.” The magazine’s editorial director, James Kaminsky, says that what happened in Maxim’s U.S. edition is a mistake and won’t happen again, which means a third time after the recent Black Crowes fiasco.

However, Kaminsky is also defending their latest gaffe, saying that they were supposed to be album previews but were accidentally published as reviews with their star-rating system.

"There should be no blurry line between what’s a preview and what’s a review,” he stated publicly. Well said.