Matthew Herbert's Pig Album Hits Snag When Pig Dies

Matthew Herbert's Pig Album Hits Snag When Pig Dies
Eclectic electronic guru Matthew Herbert has had one of the most interesting careers in his field, and the bizarre ride continues with his latest project. As we told you last September, Herbert is currently working on a new album called One Pig, the album is centered upon the life cycle of a pig.

Herbert has been documenting the pig's entire life cycle since it was born, recording samples that he intends to use for an album. Recently, his project hit a snag when a veterinarian wouldn't allow Herbert to be present for the pig's death.

 Yesterday (February 8), Herbert posted the following on his blog:

rather frustratingly, and despite many phone calls we have found it impossible to find an abattoir to allow us to record the death of the pig. we found one farmer willing to let us record, but then the attending vet did not allow it.

for me the death was always a crucial part of the project. it was the part i was looking forward to the least, but the part i felt was most pertinent in my understanding of this life. i'll be writing more about this process at a later date.

in the next stage of this process, the pig will be butchered this afternoon.

While the lack of a pig death is not ideal for Herbert's creative process, it pretty much guarantees that this album won't be nearly as upsetting as it could have been. Instead, we're imagining it as a progressive electronic version of Babe.