Matthew Herbert Reveals One Club Album Details

Matthew Herbert Reveals <i>One Club</i> Album Details
Last September, experimental electronic guru Matthew Herbert revealed plans for three conceptually linked albums. The first, One One, was released in April and took a somewhat normal approach to music-making, with traditional instruments and songwriting. The most publicized of the three is the upcoming One Pig, which follows the life and death cycle of a pig. Before he takes any more heat for that release, however, Herbert will release One Club this fall.

The album is made up of sounds recorded throughout the Robert Johnson night club in Frankfurt, Germany. With microphones strategically placed throughout the club, Herbert recorded crowd noises without background music for two hours, and used those sounds as the source material for the songs. A live sample of the end result can be heard in the video below.

In a press release, Herbert laid out his intentions, saying, "The record is intended as a document of one night in one club, a celebration of a typically fragmented, spontaneous community brought together for one night only through the idea of music and dancing. Presumably that group of people will never again be together in one room, but there is now music to be the memory and, hopefully, move the feet."

One Club will be released on September 20 via Herbert's own Accidental label.

One Club:

1. "Robert Johnson"

2. "Jenny Neuroth"

3. "Alex Duwe"

4. "Oliver Bauer"

5. "Marcus Bujak"

6. "Marlies Hoeniges"

7. "Nicolas Ritter"

8. "Jalal Malekidoost"

9. "Rafik Dahhane"

10. "Kerstin Basler"