Matthew Barber "I Think You're Going to Feel My Love" (video)

Matthew Barber 'I Think You're Going to Feel My Love' (video)
Honestly, can you think of a bigger bum-out than watching a video featuring a sun-soaked pool party as you're bundled up in your freezing apartment? As long as you don't look outside immediately afterwards, Matthew Barber's new clip for jangle pop number "I Think You're Going to Feel My Love" is a great way to escape the late January blues.

Filmed as an homage to the 1968 cult film The Swimmer, the clip finds Barber taking on Burt Lancaster's old role as a short-shorted dude bouncing from pool to pool, telling people along the way he's "swimming his way back home." He meets a lot of bikini-clad beauties on his journey, but tends not to stick around for too long -- not even for a savoury-looking weenie roast mid-clip. Well, considering his mission, he probably didn't have time to wait 30 minutes before jumping back in the water.

You can check out the clip, which was directed by Alexis Taylor, below. "I Think You're Going to Feel My Love" appears on Barber's 2010 album, True Believer.

Also, if you're in Toronto, Barber will be playing the Drake on February 12 and 13, with the latter being an all-request show. To make a request, simply email [email protected] Barber is also hard at work on his new album, which will be released in late spring.