Matt Skiba Announces New Album with the Sekrets

Matt Skiba Announces New Album with the Sekrets
Alkaline Trio leader Matt Skiba has been keeping plenty busy as of late. When he's not performing with the aforementioned gothy pop punk band, he's also been working as a hired-gun guitarist and singer in post-Tom DeLonge Blink-182. As if that weren't enough, he's now announced that he'll resurrect his Matt Skiba and the Sekrets project for a new LP.

The group will follow-up their 2012 debut Babylon with a new 10-song LP. Fitting in with his love of the letter K, Skiba has named the album KUTS. It's also littered with K-based misspellings, from "Way Bakk When" to "Hemophiliak."

In a press release, Skiba explained that his backing band of Hunter Burgan and Jarrod Alexander helped shape the album's sound, which is intended to stand out from his work with Alkaline Trio. "The writing style and entire approach to this new one was a stronger desire to do something fairly different from my other band," he said. "We used sounds hugely influenced by early David Bowie stuff and took more chances."

KUTS was produced by Rob Schnapf, who has previously worked with Elliott Smith, Beck and the Vines. The LP will be available on June 2 via Superball Music.


1. Lonely and Kold
2. She Wolf
3. Krazy
4. She Said
5. I Just Killed to Say I love You
6. Way Bakk When
7. Krashing
8. Hemophiliak
9. Never Believe
10. Vienna