Matt Pahl Lost in a Silver Screen

Matt Pahl is an Edmonton musician who missed shoe-gazing and dream pop the first time around and is trying to bring it all back. On his independent debut, Lost in a Silver Screen, Pahl follows the blueprints of those scenes to a tee and creates some pretty decent music of his own (with the help of his mentors). "Red Rain" begins with loud guitars that sound so much like Slowdive's Just For A Day that it's frightening. The pace of the song continues with the patented Slowdive touch and moves on to the Swervedriver-ish "Velvet Yellow Space." "Whitewash" and "Senseless Lines" are straight out of Kevin Shields's handbook on how to master the sound of washed-out, distorted guitars. "Lost in a Silver Screen," the title track, is another ode to Neil Halstead's Slowdive, with the off-key guitars, the slow drum beats and female backing vocals, as is the more experimental "Into the Sun Sl Reprise." What keeps this record entertaining is the attempt to add in a couple of tracks that sound like early Boards of Canada demos to show that Pahl has other interests. It's nice to see that there is still someone interested in keeping this early '90s sound going, but let's hope next time that Pahl tries less to sound like his heroes and more like himself. (Green Pepper)