Matt & Kim Twin Peaks Stage, San Francisco CA, August 11

Matt & KimTwin Peaks Stage, San Francisco CA, August 11
Photo: Kim Jay
The incredible high-energy act Matt & Kim put on is almost shocking. Matt Johnson's thin vocals and Kim Schifino's punk-rock pounding of her barely-there drum kit make for a hipster frat-party vibe. Two minutes into the set, it was totally apparent that their show is not entirely about the music; it's also about the spectacle.

The couple took breaks to banter to the audience, encourage crowd surfing and dance to ten-second clips of hip-hop songs that Johnson triggered with his keyboard. They shredded through pop anthems like "Daylight" from their 2009 record, Grand and "Cameras" from their 2010 release, Sidewalks.

The vibe in the audience was one big party. Matt & Kim have crafted a method of delivering their music that is definitely noteworthy and positive. One can't help but wonder if the music's meaning is sometimes lost somewhere amongst the party, but sometimes, that's the point.