Matt & Kim NXNE, Toronto, ON June 17 to 21, 2009

Nirvana's drummer (what was his name?) hit really hard. Robust percussion goes a long way, no matter the record store tag. Shortsightedly, many indie-dance acts eschew visceral percussion in favour of laptop rhythm or haphazard beats. Not Matt and Kim. At a rammed, sauna-sweaty Wrongbar gig, eponymous stick-wielder, Kim hit like a cannon, smiling maniacally throughout, while partner-in dance-pop crime, Matt, joyfully belted out infectious vocal incantations. The two burned through a perpetually vigorous set infusing hits (i.e. "Yea Yeah" and "Daylight") with the same fervour as on-disc filler, and adding a Guns n' Roses reference for good measure. Stage diving, dry humping, and jubilance ensued.