Matmos and So Percussion Explore Treasure State on Collaborative Album

Matmos and So Percussion Explore <i>Treasure State</i> on Collaborative Album
With a MUTEK appearance on the horizon, experimental electronic duo Matmos appear to be back in the swing of things. To top that off, they've announced their follow-up to 2008's gimmick-free Supreme Balloon, and this time they'll be collaborating with Brooklyn, NY-based string quartet So Percussion.

Where Matmos have developed a name for their otherworldly electronic meddling, So Percussion are known for their interpretations of compositions from the likes of Steve Reich, David Lang and Paul Lansky. As a press release explains, this project sees the groups "bridging the gap from the conservatory to the laptop screen."

Their collaborative debut is called Treasure State, and sees both groups working together on all compositions. According to the press release, the groups utilized "ceramic planters, pails of water, aluminum beer cans and cactus needles." Ultimately, the album is "a richly diverse, yet highly listenable, record that flows across a range of genres, sound sources, objects and styles to create an elemental American landscape."

Treasure State will be released digitally on June 8 and physically on July 13 via Cantaloupe. A full North American summer tour is currently being planned.

Treasure State:

1. "Treasure"

2. "Water"

3. "Needles"

4. "Cross"

6. "Shard"

5. "Swamp"

7. "Aluminum"

8. "Flame"