Matador Offers Exclusive Vinyl For Record Store Day

Matador Offers Exclusive Vinyl For Record Store Day
When we heard there would be a Record Store Day 2009, we were excited. Not only would we once again get to honour independent record shops but we knew we'd have another shot at scooping up some very limited and very awesome musical trinkets. Well, thanks to the folks over at Matador, we now have some exclusive Record Store Day releases to start drooling over.

First up, the label has announced it will tap recent signees Sonic Youth to lend tracks to a pair of seven-inches for the second annual Record Store Day, which takes place on April 18. On one, the band will cover Beck's Mellow Gold track "Pay No Mind" on the A-side, with Beck returning the favour by doing SY's "Green Light" on the flip. On the second seven-inch, Sonic Youth will provide the track "No Garage," while Jay Reatard will contribute the song "Hang Them All." And if two new Sonic Youth seven-inches weren't already enough, Matador will also dig into the vaults and release another previously unreleased Pavement live album, which was recorded during a 1997 show in Cologne, Germany, and be vinyl-only.

Only 2,500 copies of each record will be available at participating Record Store Day spots (which can be found at the event's website), and in the words of Matador, after they're gone, "tough fuckin' shit."

Matador Record Store Day vinyl:

Pavement: Live in Germany [Cologne, 1997]

Pay No Mind seven-inch
A1: Sonic Youth: "Pay No Mind" (Beck cover)
B1: Beck: "Green Light" (Sonic Youth cover)

Hang Them All seven-inch
A1: Jay Reatard: "Hang Them All"
B1: Sonic Youth: "No Garage"

Beck "Pay No Mind"