Matador Anniversary Paves Way For Pavement Reunion?

Matador Anniversary Paves Way For Pavement Reunion?
A Pavement reunion is a rumour that's been kicked around a few (hundred) times in the past. Back in 2005, Stephan Malkmus told Chartattack that a reunion could happen in five years and in '06, ex-Pavement guitarist Scott Kannberg's comments on a possible 20-year anniversary show prompted Pitchfork to suggest the chances for a reunion before 2009 to be slim. Who knew how right all these guesses would prove to be? It's almost as if the band have had it planned out all along.

2009 is indeed the tentative reformation date for the beloved indie act. The band's label, Matador Records, is have a 20th anniversary party that conveniently coincides with Pavement's own (the band started in 1989).

While not yet having committed to the performance, Kannberg said in a statement in, "Matador is having a 20th anniversary party soon, so maybe we'll try to do something for that. The only hurdle might be getting everyone to drop what they're doing, but I'm sure the excitement of playing again will make it OK."

Malkmus, the busiest of the defunct Pavement clan, is promoting his new album with the Jicks, Emotional Trash, and has grander schemes in mind. "Something small in ten years like the Zeppelin thing sounds good to me," he said before conceding, "Obviously, the arena would be smaller than theirs, though."

Displaying his eagerness for another jaunt with Pavement despite current touring obligations with Sonic Youth, bassist Mark Ibold joked, "Why not next month? No, it needs to be carefully planned. What obstacles stand in the way? Learning the songs again. I've actually dreamt that there was a reunion show and I couldn't remember the songs."

Pavement split in 1999 after the release of their fifth studio album, the Nigel Godrich produced Terror Twilight.

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