Mastodon Working On Movie Version of Crack the Skye

Mastodon Working On Movie Version of <i>Crack the Skye</i>
Georgian apocalyptic prog-metallers Mastodon may be moving into increasingly socially acceptable realms with fourth full-length Crack The Skye, due to its more melodic tendencies, but that doesn't mean the quartet are losing any of their overt weirdness.

From the album's unusual concept surrounding a quadriplegic that travels astrally into the body of Rasputin before being cured of his ailments to the band's strange behavior, which has landed more than one of them in hospital for rowdiness and overindulgence, they're a bunch of strange ducks.

Therefore, it's rather obvious that they would take the amazing plot behind Crack The Skye and apply some Beatles-esque Yellow Submarine (minus the cartoons) shit to it.

Yes, as Gary Graff of reports, there is a film adaptation of Crack The Skye in the initial stages of development. At present, the band and an unnamed producer/director have only discussed and written a screenplay based on the epic tale, so it's far from being considered "in production." Yet as drummer/lyricist Brann Dailor admits, he's quite positive it will come to fruition based on the throngs of enthusiastic contributors.

"[We] wrote out a screenplay that reads from song to song. We didn't storyboard it, but we wrote a screenplay. Three different directors have expressed interest in taking on the project. That'd be killer if it actually happens. That's something that's cool about making concept records - that opportunity for more to be done, artistically. If you just had an album with a bunch of songs that didn't have anything to do with each other and there was no common thread, that aspect of the art wouldn't be there. But with [Crack the Skye], we have that possibility."