Mastodon to Release Jonah Hex EP

Mastodon to Release <i>Jonah Hex</i> EP
Despite the fact that Mastodon guitarist Brent Hinds keeps pulling Axls and leaving his band on stage without him, causing no shortage of break-up rumours on the interweb, it looks as if the Atlantan prog metal band is going to hold it together long enough to put out at least one more release: a six-song EP of material they wrote for the soundtrack for the new Jonah Hex movie, which opens today (June 18).

  The band announced a while back that they would be providing some tunes for the superhero flick after being personally asked to by director Jimmy Hayward, but there was no word on if the new material would be released. Reprise Records has set a release date of June 29 for the EP, according to Lambgoat.

To create the tunes, the band wrote them spontaneously in the studio while watching footage from the movie, according to a press release. No official tracklisting has been given, but it looks as if the EP will contain four new songs and two alternate versions of a couple of the tunes. The songs are "Death March," "Clayton Boys," "Indian Theme," and "Train Assault."

Aside from the Mastodon tunes, Jonah Hex features an original score from Oscar-nominated composer Marco Beltrami, who has on his resume 3:10 to Yuma and The Hurt Locker.

In other Mastodon news, the band will be heading out on the Blackdiamondskye tour with grunge icons Alice in Chains and don't-blame-them-for-nu-metal dudes Deftones in September.