Mastodon "High Road" (video)

Mastodon "High Road" (video)
If you thought Mastodon's latest metal march "High Road" would make for a perfect, boot-stomping battle anthem, well, you'd be right. The Once More 'Round the Sun single has just been paired with a plastic sword-swinging video showing a crew of LARP enthusiasts dismantling each other IRL.

Early on, we see a throne-bound warrior watching an erotic chess game between a pair of Red Sonjas, but it's quickly revealed that the fantasy sequence is all in the head of a scrawny kid who rides an animal skull-adorned BMX, sketches out costume plans for his "Usurper of Death" and plays RPG's with his ailing grandma.

A local park, however, hosts LARP fights full of battle trolls armed with pool noodles, and finds our hero beat down at the hands of a pony-tailed goth prince and his cronies. The terrors take things off the field and onto the little guy's front lawn via a burning effigy, which leads the neighbourhood's grandfatherly figure to set up a body building routine for our twerpy protagonist.

You'll find out if he manages to crush his enemies and hear the lamentations of their women by giving the video a full peep down below.

As previously reported, Once More 'Round the Sun travels into retailers June 24 via Reprise.

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