Mastodon "Dry Bone Valley" (video)

Mastodon 'Dry Bone Valley' (video)
Georgia metal monsters Mastodon are no strangers to weird-ass videos (remember the weird tree-transformation scene from "Curl of the Burl"?), and the act keep it up on their latest head-trip clip from The Hunter, "Dry Bone Valley."

Directed by artist and longtime pal Tim Biskup, the clip is an amalgam of computer generated death masks, panoramic magic eye-style backdrops and subliminal cut scenes, which apparently play into the driving number's dark theme.

Biskup explained in a statement that the video is "basically about waking up to find yourself being chased by death and having to reckon with dying and what that actually means to you."

"It's a life/death metaphor where the girl in the video goes from hunted to hunter," he continued. "There's a whole lot more going on metaphorically, and the symbolism goes very deep and is very specific, but I'll leave the rest up to interpretation."

Judging by the whirlwind of pixelated mugs that swirl atop this lady's face, our interpretation is that Biskup has been watching The Lawnmower Man a ton these days.