Masters of the Hemisphere Last Show Ever — Live

Part of the Athens psych-pop scene that made a big stink in the late ’90s, Masters of the Hemisphere were known for their cutesy, witty pop songs that made them one of the favourite bands on the now-extinct Kindercore Records. Last Show Ever — Live captures their last performance at the 40 Watt Club in their hometown, what turned out to be a three-set celebration covering all of the band’s key songs. Released on Bumblebear, Last Show Ever suffers from weak production and the inclusion of every little quip, cheer and silent gap. Preserving the entire show to tape really tests the listener’s patience, as 38 songs in just under 160 minutes is too much MOTH for anybody. The quality of the songs suffers from the uneven levels, making it difficult to care for much about this album. Masters of the Hemisphere barely made a blip on the rock radar, so this double live album is hardly going to change any lives. For diehard fans with way too much time to kill only. (Bumblebear)