Masters of the Hemisphere I Am Not a Freemdoom

Masters of the Hemisphere are the runaway winners for lamest album of the year. After dealing a promising self-titled CD a couple of years back, the Masters have devolved into the Dungeons & Dragons rock that often plagues bands like fellow Athenians Elf Power. I Am Not a Freemdoom is a theme album revolving around the isle of Krone Ishta, where a conflict arises when Freemdoom comes to the island. In childlike fashion, each song explicitly details the ensuing plot, which is feeble at best. The accompanying comic book fills in any holes that you might have, and is the worst waste of media of all, with badly drawn pages of ridiculous tripe. The music is the lone positive point, and the Masters have a great knack for arranging sounds. If their songwriting improves, they may get back on track, but it'll be difficult to recover from this big bomb. (Kindercore)