Massappeal Nobody Likes a Thinker

It’s exciting to hear a reissue from a band that somehow slipped under the personal radar the first time around. So it goes with Australia’s Massappeal, here brought back to life by Relapse. Definitely possessing some sonic similarities with the crossover metallic hardcore sounds of the (mighty) Accused and Poison Idea, this disc includes 24 tracks of antagonistic, simplistic and raucous hardcore. The bulk of it (in theory, although not space-wise) is the Nobody Likes a Thinker twelve-inch mini-LP from 1986, there’s also the Bar of Life seven-inch from ’87, as well as a compilation track (’88), a demo (’86) and some live tunes from ‘87. They must have inspired fellow countrymen Blood Duster in attitude if nothing else — during one of the live tracks, the vocalist verbally accosts a troublesome concert-goer. But the singer sounds even better when he’s screaming, as he possesses one of the most underrated barks in hardcore and metal history, one that’s almost up there with Blaine from the Accused (almost). Damn, this is good stuff, wisely unearthed for another round to show the hardcore bands of today how this stuff should be done: unhinged, full of attitude and with just enough metallic tendencies. (Relapse)