Massappeal Nobody Likes a Thinker

1986 was a fine year. It was the time in underground music (well, there you go — the term "underground” still existed) when worlds were colliding, the dust and inevitable alliances had yet to settle and everything with a 4/4 beat seemed to be getting increasingly vitriolic and hyperactive. A somewhat forgotten gem of the era, Massappeal’s Nobody Likes A Thinker melded the indecipherable expediency of Cryptic Slaughter with skate punk’s (er, Suicidal Tendencies’) casual attitude, the Exploited’s dress code and thrash metal’s reverb-laden drive, thereby giving everything an undeniable evilness. Tinny and trashy while still being beefy and full of low-end-of-the-guitar chugging, Nobody Likes A Thinker is the perfect document of crossover’s power, influence and, sadly, underexposure. Retrofitting a collection of demos and live material onto this otherwise brief mini-album only means more speed-of-light fucking around that would bring a tear to the eye of anyone with more studded leather than Rob Halford and/or a set of jeans that have more crusty punk patches than actual denim. (Relapse)