Mass Movement of the Moth Finale

The reconfigured songs of Mass Movement of the Moth’s independently released Finally have been reincarnated and reinvigorated into a melodic screamo dance opus with a digital twist. This is the kind of record that can appeal to many different music fans: the tri-tone dance rock is enough to entice the Red Light Sting fans, the frantic, desperate randomness enough to hook the pedigreed old school screamo kids, the artsy tendencies enough to capture those looking for something new, and the heaviness pervading the music may even lend itself to crossing over to a couple metalcore kids. Each song stands alone, melting parts together to maximise an individuality that doesn’t overly indulge in being frivolously tech-ed out. The electronics add a fun and interesting spin on catchy riffs and memorable hooks not unlike the Locust at a much less frenzied pace. There is an air of desperation in the music, the feel of inner chaos characterising the record. Though it seems this newest version of punk rock dance fury may be reaching its saturation point, MMOTM strike a dissonant chord and set themselves apart from the blossoming swarms of halfwits. (Alone)