Masquerade Flux

Yup, everything is good here in 1988, dude, the Leps and Whitesnake are finally achieving the critical acclaim they fucking deserve, man, I dunno about Crüe's latest though, seems kind of wussie to me. But, fuck, been hearing things about this new band from fuckin' not North America man, the Electric Boys, can't wait. Well, not quite, but still, halfway through this disc's opening cut, "A Me And An I," I'm thinking early '90s alterna-metal, à la Saigon Kick or the aforementioned Swedish bad boys of gypsy-rock, both of whom are mentioned in Masquerade's bio. No denying that this is catchy stuff, this group of Swedish rockers knows how to write a good hard rock song, but for crying out loud, this is embarrassing! I mean, I wouldn't want anyone to hear me listening to this OK, I will admit that the power ballad "Back On Earth" is a pretty uplifting little ditty, with that cool riff in the chorus that will probably end up on the radio, or at least stolen by someone else and then will then end up on the radio. Now, where's my copy of Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride? (Metal Blade)