Mary Slim Mary Slim

Since the Hellacopters don’t really sound much like their old Kiss/MC5 rocking selves anymore, new Swedish bands like the Leftovers and Mary Slim have cropped up to fill the vacuum. Signed to the same label and recorded in the same studio by the same producer as all the early Hellacopters stuff, this unsurprisingly sounds a lot like the first three ’Copters albums. Dual guitars, lots of raw crybaby wah-wah and lyrics about the rock and roll "loser" lifestyle are rampant here on songs like "Quite Intoxicated" and "Blow Your Mind." The cover shots show a slightly more Hanoi Rocks glam look than the other bands in their stable, but the tunes are pretty much interchangeable with any of their like-minded countrymen. You can’t really judge this album on any normal "good/bad" scale, instead all you can really do is say that it’s a passable impersonation of another group’s earlier style. (White Jazz)