Mary Simon Before I Fall

Too late, Mary, I've fallen, too. This little indie disc, hailing from the Burlington area, comes as a sweet, sugar coated surprise. Its tasteful, well-crafted pop assault bears repeated listening for no better reason then it recalls a time when every day still held the promise of innocence and happy endings. When pushed for a descriptor, Simon labels her music "organic urban pop" but this petite charmer picks up somewhere between Shawn Colvin and Suzanne Vega. Her breathy, gentle voice is a clear instrument that begs a closer listen and the well-planted pop hooks work their wonders over time. The production is slick but simple and the arrangements may be a tad underwhelming but this allow Simon's vocals to dominate each largely self-penned track. The breath-taking "Before I Fall" hints at a bigger picture with its Brian Wilson-derived harmonies and layered chorus. "Be Peace To Me" is another track that boasts a lush chorus and songwriting smarts beyond her years. Again, background vocals are mixed and layered to spellbinding effect. Keep your eyes and ears on this frighteningly fresh talent. (Independent)