Marvelous Darlings 'Single Life' (album stream)

Marvelous Darlings'Single Life' (album stream)
Best known for his time in Fucked Up and No Warning, bristling busybody Ben Cook has countless other projects on the go at all times. Since 2007, one of them has been the punky power pop group Marvelous Darlings. The band, which has been on somewhat of a hiatus for a while, are collecting their fantastic singles on a new compilation called Single Life. Thankfully, you can give the whole thing a stream now.

The record includes all of the band's hits, including the beloved "I Don't Wanna Go to the Party" and "I'll Stand By Her," alongside some deeper cuts. Whether you're a longtime Darlings fan or a newcomer, there's plenty to chew on with this comp.

Deranged Records will issue Single Life on black or coloured vinyl on November 15. The record will also be available on CD in December. Either format can be pre-ordered here.