Marumari Supermogadon

Marumari's fourth album features some fine electro and funky breaks, along with a strong science fiction motif exemplified in the packaging. Track titles like "Rocket Summer," "The Golden People" and "Holograft," along with processed vocals that sound like lyrics from a distant celestial race, detail the motif nicely. Supermogadon makes for fun listening, with what may be sci-fi film and video game samples mixed into these cute, blippity bloopity tunes, making it ideal to read a sci-fi anthology to. Particularly enjoyable is "Baby M," due to the upbeat mood and eerie '80s pop nostalgia evoking sound informed with contemporary electronic freshness. It's always a pleasure to encounter electronic music with a refreshing approach to packaging, rather than your typical abstract minimalism most electronic producers go for these days. (Carpark)