Martin Schulte Silent Stars

Inspired by the night sky, 22-year-old Russian producer Martin Schulte (aka Marat Shibaev) offers a voice for the stars with his latest offering. This young composer creates music at a rapid rate ― Silent Stars is his seventh full-length release in five years. His eighth album, Treasure, is also due out now on Japanese label Lantern. Silent Stars opens with "911," an experimental, glitch-driven, atmospheric journey with lo-fi, muffled dispatcher voices displaced throughout. "Space" is a deeply immersive track propelled by soft, throbbing percussion pads, light optimistic tones and morphing white noise, giving the illusion of flying. Closing number "Butterfly" is a phenomenal, delicately paced outing with warm organic shimmers, metallic chords and subtle nuances. Martin Schulte releases yet another deeply magnificent and lush album deserving of repeat listens. This is a must have for fans of Rod Modell or Basic Channel. (Rarenoise)