Marked Men Fix My Brain

Playing a modern version of ’70s pop punk in the same compelling way as peers the Briefs, the Marked Men offer a short, solid collection of Buzzcocks-influenced tracks with their third full-length. Things are slowed down a little more this time out, but the suitably stripped down production keeps things sounding distinctly punk, with a heavy tip of the hat towards the bare-bones sonic tapestry of yore. When they’re singing, the Marked Men offer up some insanely catchy melodies, and when they’re shouting, the band maintain a strong sense of dynamic and song structure, keeping things tight and moving forward. Particularly on tracks like "Don’t Look at Me,” the band prove that they’re holding all the cards in the pop punk game, with a strong sense of speed, melody, and what made "Orgasm Addict” a great song. (Swami)