Mark Sultan Announces New Solo Album, Bloodshot Bill Collaboration and More Future Plans

Mark Sultan Announces New Solo Album, Bloodshot Bill Collaboration and More Future Plans
Garage punk busybody Mark Sultan tends to average one post a year when it comes to the "News" section of his website. Just like last year's post, however, Sultan's recent update is chock full of exciting news.

For starters, Sultan's long-awaited solo album has been given a title and release date. The album will be his second under his name, and is called $. Sultan says the record is "more band-like, first of all, but also following different tangents musically, while retaining my obvious love of rock'n'roll. I'm sure I'll catch shit for it!" Look for $ when it's released on April 13.

The album will be coming out on Last Gang Records, instead of Sultan's usual home, In the Red. He explains that the decision came from a desire to keep himself distanced from his work with the King Khan & BBQ Show. "It was odd switching from In the Red, but it has all been very confusing trying to separate myself from other projects while staying on the same label(s) and doing the same things," he explains. "I think Last Gang will help me branch out and will change things up a bit. Nice folks!"

After $ is released, Sultan will already be deep into the recording process for his third Mark Sultan album. He says that his working relationship has remained intact with In the Red, who may release a new album from him in his BBQ moniker later this year.

But wait, there's more! Sultan also took the opportunity to reveal the Ding Dongs, a collaborative two-piece he's developed with fellow Montreal garage punk Bloodshot Bill. The group's self-titled album will be released by Norton Records on March 29.

Finally, Sultan also mentioned that fans can expect a plethora of live dates from the Almighty Defenders, including an appearance at this year's Sled Island. Get excited, Calgary!