Mark McGuire Unveils Debut Album as Road Chief

Mark McGuire Unveils Debut Album as Road Chief
Former Emeralds member Mark McGuire first used his Road Chief nom de plume as a DJ name, but the guitar hero is repurposing the moniker for a new, pop-minded album. Road Chief's debut full-length, All My Love, arrives in physical and digital formats August 21 via Cascine.

A press release explains that while Road Chief started off as more of a DJ project, it has since served as an outlet to deliver "casual pop jams" apart from McGuire's work under his own name. Sonically, it's explained that Road Chief dabbles in the sound of '80s soul and smooth jazz, pulling influence from artists including Luther Vandross, Miki Bleu, the Controllers and more.

It's added that the Road Chief record took shape about the same time McGuire was working on a film score in Los Angeles, with the artist recording demos for the developing project on the side.

"I'd get little breaks during the day and just drive around North Hollywood smoking weed and listening to the early mixes of the tracks," McGuire explained in a statement. "Those days for me were all about bright, sunny midday vibes, glass sparkling water bottles, coconut milk shampoo, sunscreen smells, the leather interior of the car getting hot in the sun...glimpses like that."

You can hear the results of the newly reconfigured Road Chief down below, via a stream of All My Love's "Summer Eyes."

All My Love:

1. Through Malibu Canyon
2. Thinkin About You
3. Summer Eyes
4. Is This Really Love?
5. Always Open
6. That Night
7. So Alone