Mark Lanegan & Moby "The Lonely Night" (video)

Mark Lanegan & Moby 'The Lonely Night' (video)
Earlier today, we learned that Screaming Trees singer Mark Lanegan had teamed up with Josh Homme for the theme song of Anthony Bourdain's new TV show. Now, we've got a slightly more unexpected collaboration in the form of Lanegan's new music video with Moby.

"The Lonely Night" comes from a limited edition 7-inch for Record Store Day (April 20). It sounds like more or less what you'd expect from these two artists, as Lanegan's creaky baritone vocals are placed atop a low-key electro beat.

Moby said in a statement, "In producing the song, Spike Stent and I incorporated some very unusual production techniques... We ran all of the instruments through a distortion pedal into a guitar amp. so really there are only 3 tracks: left channel through a distortion pedal and guitar amp, right channel through a distortion pedal and guitar amp, and mark's vocals. The end result is intentionally very broken and atmospheric."

The accompanying video by Colin Rich features starry natural shots along with desert images, and also shows some sprawling city lights.

"The Lonely Night" comes backed with a remix by Photek. It will arrive through Moby's own Little Idiot label.