Mark Lanegan Band "The Gravedigger's Song" (video)

Mark Lanegan Band 'The Gravedigger's Song' (video)
It's been almost two months since we first heard fuzzy mortuary stomp "The Gravedigger's Song," the Mark Lanegan Band's first single off the upcoming Blues Funeral. The album isn't out for a bit still, though, so the former Screaming Trees singer is now offering up a creepy-ass video clip to whet our whistles.

Perfectly suiting the ooky bass rolls and gravely voiced frontman in the track, the Alistair Legrand-helmed video captures the goings-on of a abandoned spookhouse filled with spectral children, a wriggling mummy, scythe-toting tots and a wheelchair-bound grandma about as unsettling as the decrepit, hammer-holding patriarch of the Leatherface clan.

Courtesy of Consequence of Sound, you can check out the haunted clip down below.

As previously reported, Blues Funeral is due out on February 7 via 4AD, but starting Monday (January 30), Exclaim! will be streaming the album in full in our Click Hear section.