Marilyn Manson Speaks Out on Controversial Lana Del Rey Rape Video

Marilyn Manson Speaks Out on Controversial Lana Del Rey Rape Video
Last month, a disturbing video emerged showing a horrifying rape scene involving Lana Del Rey and director Eli Roth. It was widely reported to be a Marilyn Manson music video, but the shock-rocker's rep quickly issued a statement saying that Manson wasn't involved. Now, the antichrist superstar himself has spoken out to clarify his involvement (or lack thereof).

Manson told NME that, although the video in question was presented as one cohesive clip, it was actually footage from various projects edited together. "It wasn't a Marilyn Manson video," he said, adding, "That video was something that was done with a camera that Eli [Roth], who's my friend, and I both wanted to test out, so I let him test it out."

It was put together by someone who had edited the musician's videos before, and although it resembled a Marilyn Manson music video, "that was in no way the intention."

Manson further added that Del Rey herself was the reason that the planned video never panned out. He said, "Eli and I wanted to do a music video with her but she was being such a problem. Although I still respect her, I'm friends with her. I just left, I was tired, I was not willing to make that part of the video. Eli and I originally had intentions of making a video with her, but that is not the intention that is represented in that film clip because that is not what I filmed, not for my video."

As we pointed out at the time, much of the footage from the controversial clip was drawn from the previously released videos for "No Reflection" and "Slo-Mo-Tion." The rape scene, however, had never been seen before.

The video was soon taken down, but it has been re-emerged through unofficial channels and can be seen below.

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