Marie Davidson

Un Autre Voyage

Marie DavidsonUn Autre Voyage
Two years ago, Holodeck unveiled the debut EP from Montreal-based artist Marie Davidson; it was a short set of chilled electronic music accompanied by Davidson's breathy speak-singing. Un Autre Voyage uses the pattern of that original release as a jumping-off point, showing off a surprisingly broader and more evocative side to Davidson's detached coolness.
"Boulevard Taschereau" leads off the proceedings with a window directly into the artist's own psyche, her words emanating directly from her own experience. This sense of directness continues as the album unfolds; accompanied only by a sparse smattering of synths and skeletal drum machine rhythms, the songs are — as Davidson herself has attested — based on true events. Yet only "Excès De Vitesse" comes across as resembling anything close to a pop song; musically, Davidson chooses to work in a more enigmatic vein, choosing atmosphere over comfort. 
This path works for her, the brooding sonics playing off well against her slightly less chilly vocalizations. Hardly a ray of sunshine, Un Autre Voyage manages to retain just enough of the icy charm from Davidson's debut EP to keep her listeners captivated. (Holodeck)
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