Margaret Dygas How Do You Do

Japan's relatively new imprint, Powershovel has released some very interesting pieces of music since their inception back in 2005, mainly staying left of centre with avant garde offerings that cover a wide range of musical genres. Margaret Dygas fits perfectly into Powershovel's picture with her distinct sonic colourings, which made her a household name in minimalist dance circles over the past few years; she creates beats that lend themselves fittingly to Powershovel's diverse catalogue of albums. Margaret's unique, organic productions on How Do You Do are long, subtle journeys into uncharted territories where subsonic tones sing to each other. Experimentation gradually builds to "Pg. 21," where groovy, muted house beats guide you through strange twists and unexpected turns, arriving at "Veering Intention," where mechanical rhythms set us up for a well-deserved soft landing. In the male-centric world of oddball techno, Margaret Dygas has deservedly placed herself firmly amongst the ranks of the world's top producers. (Powershovel)