Marek Hemmann In Between

The first full-length album by Germany's Marek Hemmann is full of wonderful surprises. Known for his work with Mathias Kaden (as the duo Hemmann & Kaden), this release proves that Hemmann is definitely strong enough to stand on his own. Tracks vary from deep, dub-y sounds to soulful horns, jazzy saxophones, punches of bossa nova, warm vocals, contemplative and hypnotic bass lines, moody techno harmonies and house-y beats. It's not every day you get to hear an album where each track stands out and is worth listening to in its entirety, and while the flow of the tracks is seamlessly thought out, In Between definitely falls into that category. This is a definite must for fans of house music and soulful, jazzy techno. (Freude am Tanzen)