Mardi Grass.BB Supersmell

To qualify as a fun album, a piece of music has to make you want to get up and move or at least make them smile. Everything about Mardi Gras.BB is fun - from the ultra slick cardboard packaging to the CD-ROM game, this disc is top-notch entertainment. This 12-piece orchestra (of sorts) from New Orleans is about as offbeat as an early John Waters film. The music ranges from Tin Pan Alley jazz to bop to hip-hop and funk. Mixed with some crazy ass samples and a bad impersonation of Sesame Street's the Count, Supersmell is bizarre, comical and, most of all, fun. Add a cover of Henry Mancini's "Baby Elephant Walk" and a turntablist's rendition of the Doors' "Riders On The Storm" and the party's all set. (Universal)