Marcus Visionary The Drink, Vancouver BC - January 8

Spinning tunes as funky as anything deep house can muster, Toronto junglist Marcus Visionary sprinkled in enough bangers to please even the most hardcore of genre fanatics. While a rotating cast of MCs exhorted the faithful, the DJ worked the boards feverishly, tweaking and remixing tracks in real time. The Drink's sound system is in desperate need of an upgrade, but that seemed a trifle concern for the crowd, a disparate mix of Vancouver's fresh-faced and veteran heads. The selector's set ramped up the intensity of his rolling mix CD, Global Clash. Where that disc nods to jungle's tech-step heyday, the T-Dot native's live performance saw a greater reliance on liquid funk. Still, when he dropped a rewind of a hardstepping track by Dillinja, the heads greeted Visionary with a round of hearty barks. It goes to show that no matter how soulful it gets it, jungle won't ever stray too far from its feral roots. Woof.