Marblebog / Vorkuta Wanderings

Short, but sweet, this two-song, lo-fi split from Hungarian bands Marblebog and Vorkuta is definitely worth a listen. The split kicks off with Marblebog's seven-minute "Uttalan Utakon." It's an up-tempo, black-with-thrash-undertones tune, which, halfway through, breaks down into a doom-y, lethargic haze for its remaining minutes. This part is more memorable and engaging, though its impact (and excellent transition) comes partly from having been drawn out of a faster beginning. Track two, Vorkuta's "Prophecies," is a three-parter ("War," "Cleansing" and "Triumph"). Although slightly shorter than Marblebog's contribution, it's nevertheless more atmospheric, complicated and varied ― possibly because of its conceptual "movements." With a violent start, "Prophecies" gets more intriguing as it progresses. The middle is amazing. Featuring an eerie, desolate breakdown, the melody is partly composed of backwards guitar zooming to and fro. Fading out into a gloomy, multi-layered conclusion, the windswept aura lives on even after the CD has ended. (New Scream Industry)