Maotik & Metametric Théâtre Maisonneuve, Montreal QC, May 29

Maotik & MetametricThéâtre Maisonneuve, Montreal QC, May 29
What began as a solitary gong hit quickly turned into an audio-visual feast, as Maotik & Metametric brought the crowd on a journey through time and space. What first appeared was a snowstorm of pixels that slowly turned into a wormhole, dragging the viewer deeper and deeper down the tunnel of intrigue. Throughout this transition, Metametric used brush sticks to stroke a huge drum with increasing vigour, which mirrored the escalating speed and fragility of the wormhole until it collapsed completely, transporting the audience to a new area, and so the show went.
Room after room, cavern after cavern, Maotik & Metametric traversed a multitude of landscapes, none of which were familiar, all of which were fascinating. The music was haunting, dark and pulsing; the visuals were swirling, stark and metamorphic. By the end of the performance, it felt like a huge distance had been travelled, despite the fact that everyone was seated. Maotik & Metametric gave the impression of taking you everywhere by making you feel nowhere.