Múm Hatch New Full-Length

Múm Hatch New Full-Length
Chilled-out Icelandic music-makers Múm have dropped word that they have a new record coming out. They're calling it Sing Along to Songs You Don't Know and it's due August 24. However, this album doesn't appear to be coming out on their recent label home of Fat Cat, with the press release stating that the German folks of Morr Music will be handling this one.

The PR also goes on to say a lot more about Sing Along to Songs You Don't Know, so we're just going to let it do its thing.

"Sing Along to Songs You Don't Know was recorded in countless different places in four different countries, although most of it was done in Múm's native Iceland. Gunnar ֖rn Tynes moved to a cabin in the countryside where much of the album sprang to life, but as always Múm have a hard time staying put and recorded in both Estonia and Finland. In Estonia they borrowed a beautiful old house in Leigo, a place with hundreds of lakes, where they wrote new songs and recorded with the Estonian Suisapäisa Mixed choir.  

"Much of the music was hatched in the middle of Iceland's recent political turmoil and uprising. The Icelandic government was forced to resign after intermittent civil unrest and the constant banging of pots and pans. By stretching the imagination, you can hear a link between the turbulent political situation and the serene idealism hidden in the music."

Amongst all the album info, the release doesn't give us any tracklisting to this follow-up to 2007's Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy or a North American release date. However, we're sure we'll get those bits of info shortly.