Manishevitz Private Lines

Nope, not the sickly sweet wine you first got drunk on, but the consistently innovative project of Adam Busch. The first two Manishevitz records were deft deconstructions of pop songs, with heavy doses of American blues and roots music, via Smog and Palace. On their third release for Jagjaguwar, Busch and company seem to have cheered up considerably. While the four new songs retain Busch’s odd phrasing and unpredictable structures, this EP appears to signal a new direction for the band. They’ve even busted out the tambourines and written a pop song: the lavish, sprawling title track. Earlier emphasis on tape loops and delicate orchestration to create a spooky vibe has been replaced by increasing interest in keyboards and horns, as evidenced on their trippy Roxy Music cover. Probably their most accessible record, and a good place to start for those new to the band, but the first two records are still well worth seeking out. (Jagjaguwar)