Manika Kaur I Bow To You Waheguru

Manika KaurI Bow To You Waheguru
Infused with the vibe of a spiritual awakening, Manika Kaur's I Bow To You Waheguru represents a mix of contemporary awareness and traditional veneration. Kaur continues to grow as a vocalist and songwriter; her continued prayer practice of kirtan manifests on the album's seven tracks against a backdrop of zither, tabla and violin.

Mired in meditative stasis, the project holds fast in its spiritual reverence and holds back on attaining its artistic potential.
More intriguing and exploratory songs, like the piano- and strings-driven expanse of "Wahegure (The Journey)" and the violin-assisted, modern melodic soundscape of "Aukhee Gharhee," might have made the project a more fascinating endeavour, but as it stands, more traditionally reverent songs, such as "Ram Japo Ji" and "Tu Danaa," are representative of the overall album: pleasurable, but musically unchallenging. (United Sound Records)