Manic Street Preachers' Richey Edwards "Presumed Dead" By Parents

Manic Street Preachers' Richey Edwards 'Presumed Dead' By Parents
After numerous searches, believed spottings and six Manic Street Preachers albums, the band's former guitarist Richey James Edwards has officially been "presumed dead." Wales Online yesterday (November 23) reported that the family of the missing guitarist for the Manics decided that after almost 14 years they believe he is no longer alive.

According to Manic Street Preachers' publicist Terri Hall, Richey's parents, Graham and Sherry Edwards, were granted a court order for their son to be declared dead, however the couple from Blackwood, South Wales chose not to comment on the matter. They were given complete control over the musician/lyricist's £455,990 estate.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, Hall said it was a "hugely emotional” moment for James Dean Bradfield, Nicky Wire and Sean Moore, the remaining members of the band. "This is the parents’ choice and the band is happy to go with what the parents decide is best," said Hall. "We all dream Richey will come back one day. You hope he is still around somewhere. But it is no longer a realistic hope and if this offers some kind of closure then the band will be content with that.”

Richey was last seen in London on February 1, 1995, but it is believed he returned to his flat in Cardiff, Wales soon after, His car was eventually found at the original Severn Bridge located between Bristol, England, and Monmouthshire in South Wales. Despite the fact that many have claimed to have seen Edwards over the years, it is likely that he took his own life at the age of 27, most likely near the bridge.

As we previously reported, the Manics are currently finishing off their ninth album, Journal For Plague Lovers, which is scheduled for an early 2009 release. Members have revealed that the album will contain leftover, unused prose written by Edwards.

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