The Mandates Return with 'In the Back of Your Heart'

The Mandates Return with 'In the Back of Your Heart'
It's been two years since Calgary power-pop quartet the Mandates dropped their excellent self-titled debut. They followed it up with a 7-inch last year, and now they're ready to revisit the full-length game with a brand new LP.

The group's sophomore effort is called In the Back of Your Heart and features another 11 tracks of singalong, punk-inflected power pop. Once again, the Mandates worked with producer Pat Kearns (the Exploding Hearts, Clorox Girls) who recorded them at his Permapress facility in Portland.

In the Back of Your Heart will be released on April 21 as a three-way project between Hosehead Records, Teenage Rampage and Taken by Surprise.

The Mandates will tour through Europe in May and will play album release shows in Alberta later that month. These include a Calgary show at the Palomino on May 29 and an Edmonton show on May 30. 

Before it arrives in full, preview In the Back of Your Heart with a stream of its title track below.

In the Back of Your Heart:

1. Something Wrong
2. Messin' Around
3. Maryanne
4. Wastin' Time
5. (So Much For) Saturday Night
6. Phantasmagoria
7. Photo in My Wallet
8. Katie, Katie, Katie
9. Lookin' Up
10. Not My Problem
11. I Got Eyes (In the Back of Your Heart)