Over $30,000 Raised in Nickelback Listening Marathon

Over $30,000 Raised in Nickelback Listening Marathon
The Virginia man who challenged himself to listen to CanCon rockers Nickelback non-stop for a full week has completed his charity drive and has exceeded his goals to raise money for charity: water by over $20,000, racking in more than $33,123 US ($41,700 CDN) in total. 

As previously reported, Relevant contributor Jesse Carey decided to take on the gruelling task of listening to Chad Kroeger and co. for a full week, from February 16 to 22. Miraculously, he made it all the way through, though apparently not without experiencing a bit of wear and tear.

Carey said in a statement: "Though the doctors say that a speedy recovery for me is very unlikely after such an enormous exposure to Nickelback, they believe that I may one day fully regain all of the mental and physical capacities lost during the 168 hours of pure Nickelback, even if it takes years."

In case the marathon idea seems silly, this is where we remind you that Carey did this for charity. He had initially planned to raise $10,000 US ( $12,600 CDN) to fund the building of a well via charity: water, a not-for-profit that "provides clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations." But he raised over $33,123 US, and even though the campaign is officially over, you can still make a pledge for the next 35 days.

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